Thoughts of the Day (sent to my pastor)

So I was on one of my sites that gives away a bunch of free music last week….and I went through their Christian genre (probably only got through half of the 60 or so pages)….anything that seemed to perk my interest, I just opened up a new tab and kept browsing… perked my interest when either its a female vocal (I love the female voice, so I tend to be quite bias towards them with music choice), or there was something that just seemed catchy about the name or album cover for a couple of them…of course I listened to all of them and ended up only getting about have of those….

Anyways, after the 30 pages of browsing (each having about 20 albums each), I opened up the list of tabs to see how many I had, and I was quite surprised how many I had opened….it was a bunch lol….as I read through them, I just thought it was interesting reading some of the names….attached is a screenshot of that list….(I thought the list was interesting enough to take a screenshot)

A few days later, a thought occurred to me…..I remembered myself thinking a number of weeks ago “I’m a young adult, why don’t I know what we like? What do we like then?”. Well besides the fact that I don’t hang out with anyone around my age really….the odd one maybe….but not really overall….overall its just kinda puzzled me a bit and I think overtime as I need the answer, God will keep revealing it to me :)

But the reason I’m mentioning both of these seemingly separate instances, is that a small thought occurred to me, does this choice of music names give a little insight into what we young adults like? Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t….

As I started writing this email, another thing came to mind as well. The Naz district sent out a message, wanting the young adults to do a survey. They basically wanted to know what ministry names we like as young adults, and what names we think are effectively speaking to us. As I took it, theres definitely some names that seemed better then others, and although I don’t remember any of them, it just makes me remember that there was some names that did seem effective towards young adults. I guess its a bit of reminder that I’m a young adult too….as I see things even as simple as a name of something, it means something to my generation, and something different for another generation.

So I don’t really have any answers, or questions, or great deductions….but just thought it was interesting and thought I’d pass it along to you. Maybe it helps give some insight to my generation….maybe it gives some thoughts and ideas to you….don’t know….but as time goes by and we need answers, God will keep giving us ideas….just gotta make sure we share them with the right people :)

I guess before I send this off….just glanced at the list….seems like "worship” is one of the key words that got my attention….then that triggered another thought…..for a few days I was trying to look up “how to minister to young adults”… of the things I remember coming up is genuine and true worship (and a couple of other words that disappeared quick…so obviously not near as important)…..which cause a question……

What is True Worship?

Not that I’m trying to find an answer to it….nor am I asking for it….but its something for me to dwell on…..maybe for others too…don’t know…guess only time will tell….maybe its a future sermon title :) sounds like it lol

Hope you enjoyed reading some of my thoughts of the day :)