Christmas Forest / Elf Invasion

Quick Summary: 

Multiple trees, snowmen, maybe a reindeer...all placed in the living room.....but don't forget the Elf invastion!

Was it Successful?: 
No results yet....please be patient as we await the perfect time to pull it off....
The Plan: 


Here's the plan (this was started a whole 26 hours before Christmas this year):

  1. How many Christmas trees? 4-6
  2. How many snowmen? 1 or 2 probably
  3. Is Santa here? Yep, his reindeer is inside!
  4. How many elves invade the room? unknown....
  5. Is it snowy? possibly....
  6. Setup the trees around the living room, setup the snowmen, place elves around, place white "snow" pillow filling around the ground for snow....we'll see how much we get done this year....Jenn's on a shopping spree tomorrow...gonna be interesting with her buying 2 new trees!