Vacation + Drywall = One Less Room for Alice to go Through......

Quick Summary: 

Someone go out of the country for a while? Feel like a minor reno to remove a room from the house? or how about an Alice in Wonderland door?

Was it Successful?: 
No results yet....please be patient as we await the perfect time to pull it off....
The Plan: 
  1. Someone goes on vacation
  2. Go buy some drywall, mud, paint
  3. Take off their bedroom door (maybe the border around the doorway as well?)
  4. Seal the entry way with the drywall and mud
  5. Paint it to make it look seemless...hopefully the same color as the existing paint.....

For a twist, you could put in a really small door into this new "wall". No I don't mean the bottom (or top) half of a full sized dutch door (although doing just the top half would be fun), but I'm thinking like Alice in Wonderland style door....You could even make a small tunnel that goes  10 feet to another door (thats of course a bit smaller).

The Result: 

A big small surprise for that person that went on vacation for the last 3 weeks....Be prepared to help reinstall the real door though :)