Wrapping the Living Room

Quick Summary: 

Ever wrap up the living room? What about making the room into a present?

Was it Successful?: 
It was Successful! Hurray!
The Plan: 
  1. Get supplies (lots of large cardboard boxes, lots of wrapping paper, a few helping hands)
  2. Pre-wrap cardboard with wrapping paper. Saves time and noise.
  3. Leave a sledge hammer (if available) lying around the living room for a day or two....the only purpose is to get them riled up!
  4. Wait till mom goes to sleep (Christmas Eve is a great time for this)
  5. Start blocking off the living room with the cardboard.....literally put up walls to make it a completely separate room....like I'm mean completely separate....from floor to ceiling.....a complete wall! Make sure you include a doorway! (preferably with a opening/closing door)
  6. Once the wall is built, go inside and start wrapping as much as you can. furniture, ornaments, tables, pictures, pianos...you see it, you wrap it!
  7. Lock the doorway, or leave a note saying don't go inside until they have permission!
  8. Go to sleep by about 3 AM......
The Result: 

A new wall built closing off the living room. Once everyone is up, then send in the one being pranked to see everything wrapped inside the "new room". They may even think they got a bunch of new stuff (until they unwrap it and realize its the old stuff they already have!)