Do you have any marshmallows I can borrow? The store was bought out......

Quick Summary: 

Marshmallows everywhere.....we did it to our parents trailer when they weren't around.....fill some drawers and cupboards....its almost Easter (at this time) and so we brought in a couple of furry creatures and Easter colored paper strips for "nesting" materials. *note: fake creatures recommended, not real ones.

Was it Successful?: 
It was Successful! Hurray!
The Plan: 
  1. Buy the materials you want, we bought about 13 pounds of mini marshmallows, 4 bags of Easter colored paper strips, and a couple of fake furry animals (one mouse that squeaks when it moves, and one stuffed squrrel) $65 I spent.....
  2. Choose your destination (we picked our trailer thats always out at our campsite) and get access (of course! We almost couldn't get in!)
  3. Put the paper, marshmallows, and critters anywhere you want. Fill drawers completely the rim....throw some in the shower.....throw some in the sink....microwave.....doesn't matter if there is stuff in the drawer, do it anyways!
The Result: 

Lots of to be the person to clean it up....good thing I've gotta deal with Church on Saturday so can't come out to help....shucks.....