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2014 06 07 - LCBS Concert

Thoughts of the Day (sent to my pastor)

So I was on one of my sites that gives away a bunch of free music last week….and I went through their Christian genre (probably only got through half of the 60 or so pages)….anything that seemed to perk my interest, I just opened up a new tab and kept browsing… perked my interest when either its a female vocal (I love the female voice, so I tend to be quite bias towards them with music choice), or there was something that just seemed catchy about the name or album cover for a couple of them…of course I listened to all of them and ended up only getting about have of those….

Mac Trojan Virus March 2012

So if you haven't heard already, there was a Mac virus out. Details in the following link.

I did write a small script to just check to see if some of the files mentioned exist (since it doesn't exist on my computer, I'm not 100% sure what would show if it was found, but at least it will give you an idea). This doesn't remove the virus, just helps you determine weather you may have it.